Volcanic Impacts on Climate and Society: Moving forward by looking back

Volcanic Impacts on Climate and Society: Moving forward by looking back



Moesgård Museum/Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark



08.03 - 10.03 2021




Welcome to the PAGES VICS working group workshop 2020. The PAGES VICS Working Group aims to (1) coordinate improved reconstructions of volcanic radiative forcing, (2) enhance our understanding of volcanically-induced climate variability by engaging a wide range of paleoclimate specialists, and (3) deepen our understanding of societal impacts of, and human responses to, volcanic eruptions, especially within the emerging framework of compound events. 



This fourth VICS workshop that will extend our range of interests deeper into the past, as well as into the future. This meeting will be held in the autumn of 2020 at Moesgård Museum in Aarhus (Denmark). This is timely, as Moesgård Museum will host, at that time, a special exhibition focussed specifically on past and future volcanism and its human impacts. The workshop will have the following objectives:

  1. Summarising the current state of volcanic reconstructions, associated climate forcing, and societal impacts. This will include updates from the many national and international funded projects that have recently been initiated, thanks in part to the visibility and community fostered by VICS. 
  2. A further expansion to themes related to Late Pleistocene and Holocene climate variability, drawing on evidence from archaeology, pollen analyses, textual sources as well as new climate simulations, building ties with other PAGES working groups including CRIAS, PAGES2k and PEOPLE3000.
  3. New results from CMIP6 and PMIP4 related to volcanic eruptions and climate in model simulations.
  4. Articulating the perspectives of VICS with Future Earth’s Knowledge-Action Network on Extreme Events and Emergent Risks.
  5. Continued development of strategies to engage stakeholders and the general public concerning volcanic hazards and disasters. A lecture will be given during the meeting that will be open to the public.


The interdisciplinary purpose of VICS relies on the expertise of scientists and scholars from a variety of backgrounds, including those in the fields of volcanology, atmospheric chemistry, ice core science, high-resolution paleoclimate reconstructions, climate modeling, archaeology and anthropology, and history. The workshop will therefore include contributions from a number of ongoing international projects with relevant areas of interest, including especially GVP, INTAV (International Focus Group on Tephrochronology), the Climate History Network, VolMIP, PMIP and the PAGES2k working groups. Whoever you are, if you are interested in Volcanic Impacts on Climate and Society you are invited to join us in Aarhus on March 8th - 10th 2021.



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Francis Micheal Ludlow

Matthew Toohey

Allegra N. LeGrande 

Kevin J. Anchukaitis 

Michael Sigl 

Celine Vidal 

Felix Riede