Spinout program

This program supports the early development of potential academic spinouts. It is inspired from the Lean LaunchPad (LLP) method aiming at creating early learnings about your customers, market and value proposition. It is an iterative process of business modelling, where you will be asked to get out of your daily research setting and learn from interviews, observations etc.


Requirements for participation

If you want to participate in this program it is mandatory for you to sign up for the following four workshops.

You have to sign up through each of the four individual links.

Business Model Canvas 2

Advisory Board / Team

Business Model Canvas 3

Next Step Panel


To participate it is also necessary for you to have knowledge of the three introductory workshops below. If you have participated in these or similar workshops before or have proven experiences with the topics, then you don’t have to participate in the workshops. If not, you have to participate.

Business Model Canvas 1

How do I navigate uncertainty

Open “lab”



The objective is to develop start-up teams that have a strong understanding of how their product or service meets the needs of their customer base. Within the Lean Launchpad process, this is described as product-market fit and is achieved through the use of Customer Discovery (external Interviews conducted to validate assumptions).



The course works on the basis of a continuous process of interviews to validate assumptions listed in the Business Model Canvas (BMC). The course starts from the assumption that the canvas is initially completed with hypotheses related to Customer Segments and the Value Proposition. The rest of the BMC is addressed throughout the course.

Course participants are, of course, expected to have started to complete their initial assumptions and hypotheses on their BMC. This document has been introduced at the introductory workshops. As the LLP process continues, each team is expected to update their BMC to gain new insights and get closer to Product-Market fit.



  • Propose and test hypotheses as defined in a Business Model Canvas. Weekly interviews are conducted with a range of stakeholders, such as end users, potential partners or external advisory consultants.
  • Present new knowledge obtained during interviews and highlight how this input has changed the proposed business model of the company
  • Propose future hypotheses to test


Expectation for each participant:

  • This course does not grant ECTS points
  • We expect that all participants have to watch the video lectures on Udacity before each workshop
  • We expect that each team has conducted at least 10 interviews between each workshop
  • As this is an intense and time consuming experience, each participant is expected to contribute to their team

Individual meetings

All participants are welcome to meet with the instructures for individual guidance between the workshops. Please book the meeting in advance



All participants and guests will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement in the beginning of the workshop



  • All materials from the instructors will be uploaded to a shared Google Drive.
  • Materials for preparation will be provided in advance
  • Participants must upload their improved canvas before every workshop. Deadline for uploading is 10 am the day before every workshop.
  • The Google Drive is open only to participants and instructors of the Fall 2019 Spin out program

Please be aware, that a Google Drive is not considered a confidential platform. If you have any considerations about how to present your canvas and project, please contact Anne Sofie Dahlmann (asb@au.dk)


Final workshop:

At the final workshop all participants present the big picture and the next steps to a special invited panel. Participants and guests are invited to join the networking session right after the final workshop.

You will receive detailed materials when signing up.




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