Science for Society & JRDP: Explore how to put your research into play in various contexts

What: 3-hour workshop
When: August 28th, 9-12 am
Where: Meeting room 2.2 at Studenterhusfonden, Fredrik Nielsens Vej 2-4, 8000 Aarhus C
A lot of research can be put into play and create value outside of academia but it can be challenging to see the opportunities and also to communicate the value you can create to different audiences and stakeholders. In this workshop we will work with how you can put your research into play as
-          Collaborations with external partners
-          New research projects
-          A business idea 
-          Or as a way to make you attractive to employers outside of academia
We will guide you through different concrete tools and train you in how to communicate your research to different audiences.
The workshop will contain both individual and group work and you will work with your own research area and will consist of the following elements:
1)      Mapping of your research – individual and group exercise
2)      Principles of communication
3)      Alternative usages of your research – group exercise
4)      Framing your research problem according to different stakeholders – group exercise
5)      Next step for me – individual exercise
No preparation is needed but we invite you to think about how you can put your research into play in different contexts before the workshop.
The event is free of charge but there is a limited number of seats so sign up is necessary
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