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Learning, Breaking, Making: Analysing processes of play

Learning, Breaking, Making: Analysing processes of play

Second International PLAYTRACK Conference 2020


Abstract: Within play research, two oppositely directed narratives seamlessly co-exist. On the one hand, play is described as a learning activity that helps children and adults reduce the uncertainties they encounter in the world so that they, over time, may navigate it with more ease. On the other hand, play is also considered to be a creative activity that facilitates novel behavioural patterns and innovative breakthroughs by changing and manipulating the environment and by breaking down traditional rules of conduct. Satisfactory models of play have to account for both of these aspects. They have to explain why it is that play is as much about learning rules as it is about breaking and making them.


May 11-13th 2020, the Interacting Minds Centre (IMC) at Aarhus University, Denmark, is organising the second international PLAYTrack Conference on the theme “Learning, breaking, making: analysing processes of play.” The conference invites scholars to explore and analyse the dual nature of playful processes on individual and societal levels and discuss the implications this may have for research, education and innovation.   


To find further information about the conference (including a list of speakers, program etc), please visit the conference website

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