Gender, power and disempowerment

Call for papers
Gender, Power and Disempowerment

The XIII Nordic Women’s and Gender History Conference 2021 will take place on 19-21 August at Aarhus University (Denmark). The conference theme is GENDER, POWER and DISEMPOWERMENT.The year 2021 marks the end of two decades where the Nordic countries have celebrated the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage. In a Danish context, 2021, also marks the 150th anniversary of the Danish Women’s Society (Dansk Kvindesamfund).
At the XIII Nordic Women’s and Gender History Conference, we use the anniversaries as an opportunity to highlight and discuss questions of gender, power and disempowerment in all areas of society from a historical perspective.

We welcome papers addressing a broad range of issues related to the central theme, including, but not limited to:
- how gender has both empowered and disempowered people political, legal, social, economic and cultural perspective throughout history;
- the consequences of empowerment and disempowerment for individual lives, for groups, for understandings of gender, for culture, politics, society and much more;
- empowerment and disempowerment as defined by something more than gender (civil status, age, social class and residence);
- global, national, regional and/or local perspectives on empowerment and disempowerment of gender

Papers addressing theoretical, methodological and ethical dimensions of the study of power are also welcome.

We invite individual papers, posters as well as sessions. Submission of papers no later than 1 April 2021 can be sent to

- Sessions will be 90 minutes long
- Session organizers are responsible for planning the session (including the format of the session, number of papers, time allotted to each presenter, the appointment of the session chair, discussant, etc.)
- The session organizer, chair and discussant might be the same person
- The conference organizers are responsible for matching individual papers into sessions
- Posters are placed in the common area of the conference venue

Individual paper proposals and posters should include the following information:
- Name of presenter, institutional affiliation, address and e-mail
- Title of the proposed paper/poster
- 200–300-word abstract

Complete session proposals of at least three papers/panellists should include the following information:
- Session title
- The session organizer’s name, institutional affiliation, address, and e-mail
- 250–500-word abstract of the session
- Format of the session (paper session, panel, roundtable)
- The following information for all participants:

  - Names and roles (presenter, chair, commentator) 
  - Institutional affiliation, address, and e-mail  
  - Titles and abstracts of individual papers, (200-300 word abstract per paper)

Confirmed speakers:

- Dr Katie Barclay, University of Adelaide, Australia
- Professor Franciska de Haan, Central European University, Budapest
- Professor Rubina Raja, University of Aarhus, Denmark
- Professor Emerita, Dr Phil. Birgitte Possing

Conference Fee:

- 1200 Danish kroner (early bird registration 1000 Danish Kroner, students 300 Danish kroner).  
If a traditional conference with physical presence should not be possible because of political or administrative restrictions due to COVID19, it will be held online. We follow the guidelines and possible restrictions from the Danish government and authorities closely. The final decision on the format of the conference can therefore only be made when we know the restrictions valid for the time of the conference. If the conference will be held as a video conference, the conference fee will be reduced to 150DKK. 


- Dr Nina Javette Kofoed, The History Department, University of Aarhus.
- Dr Lone Kølle Martinsen, The Grundtvig Research Center, University of Aarhus.