Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies
Multimodality: Illusion, Performance, Experience

Date: 24-25 October 2019

This conference seeks to expand the methodological scope of current research on multimodal perception through a transdisciplinary and transhistorical perspective. We invite proposals that address the conference theme from various theoretical approaches, such as perceptual psychology, cognitive science, anthropology, ethnography, and performance and media studies. Performance genres—often mediated by technology, as with stage magic, illusions, theater, the arts of projection, illustrated lectures, performance arts, film, and other media—offer rich opportunities for exploring multimodal sensory experience. Those that focus on the media archaeology of illusory performance genres, like the magic lantern or magic shows, are particularly welcome. Possible research topics include (but are not limited to) multimodal perception and the following:

  • Artworks (e.g., literature, film, visual arts)
  • Performative mediums and practices (e.g., dance, theater, opera, music, magic lantern performance)
  • New media (e.g., digital games, virtual reality)
  • Conjuring and theatrical magic
  • Synesthesia
  • Illusions of motion or proprioceptive movement
  • Attentional focus

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