Trust and authority in the Lutheran North

- A theological and historical perspective on the trust culture

sustaining the Scandinavian welfare states


2 - 3 December 2019, Aarhus University

Mogens Zieler Stuen, Studenternes Hus (building 1422)




Monday the 2nd of December


10:00-10:15: Words of welcome


10:15-11:00: Hans Raun Iversen, associate professor of practical theology, University of Copenhagen: “Secular Lutheranism as common institutional and mental background for the Danish welfare state and the Danish folk church”


11:00-11: 45: Sasja Emilie Mathiasen Stopa, postdoc in systematic theology, Aarhus University: “Trusting God and his earthly masks - Unearthing the Lutheran roots of the contemporary Scandinavian trust culture”


11:45-13:00: Lunch


13:00-13:45: Ingela Naumann, senior lecturer in social policy, University of Edinburgh: "Why Swedes trust the state and Scots don't. Exploring the denominational roots of state - citizen relations in modern welfare systems"


13:45-14:30: Nina Javette Koefoed, associate professor of history, Aarhus University: “I trust you with my child. Parental use of local authorities in cases of disobedient children in 18th century Denmark”


14:30-15:00: Coffee


15:00-15.45: Peter Graeff, professor of sociology, University of Kiel, & Gert Tinggaard Svendsen, professor of political science, Aarhus University: ”The Ethical Game: Religion, Crime and Trust in Germany”


15:45-16:30: Fredrik Thue, professor of history, Oslo Metropolitan University: “Lutheranism from above and from below – ‘Welfare professionals’ within the Nordic state/society nexus”


16:30-17:00: Common discussion


19:00: Dinner


Tuesday the 3rd of December

9:00-9:45: Gorm Harste, associate professor of political science, Aarhus University: “Rethinking the entrusted Reason of State: How social organization was synchronized politically in the Swedish and Danish Monarchies”´


9:45-10:30: Sami Suodenjoki, university researcher in history, Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence in the History of Experiences, Tampere University: “Testimonies of sectarianism and (dis)trust: citizens approaching tsarist authorities in the context of the imperial integration policies in Finland, 1898­-1917”


10:30-11:00: Coffee


11:00-11.45: Svend Andersen, professor of ethics and philosophy of religion: “Trust in K.E. Løgstrup’s Lutheran Political Ethics”


11:45-12:30: Mikkel Christoffersen, postdoc in systematic theology, Copenhagen University: “Trust in institutions? From Løgstrup to Luhmann to Moltmann”


12:30-13:00 Concluding discussion and information on joint publication


13.00-14:00: Lunch

Lumen - Center for the Study of Lutheran Theology and Confessional Societies - Nobelparken, Jens Chr.Skous Vej 3 - 8000 - Aarhus -