Living with God: A material approach to the early modern Lutheran household in Denmark

This interdisciplinary seminar will explore material expressions and strategies of how to instil piety and provoke virtuous thoughts in early modern Protestant households across different confessions. There will be a particular focus on the Lutheran household in Denmark, and religious inscriptions, imagery and emblems as material framework and point of reference for the ideal of godly living.



'To Adorn the Chambers of thy Memory.' Material Culture and the Formation of Protestant Identity in the Early Modern Home

Andrew Morrall, Bard Graduate Center, New York


Time: 06 December 2018 at 12.15-17.00
Venue: AU Moesgaard, Lecture Hall (4206-139)


The event is free; to be able to order the right amount of coffee and snacks, please register here. Deadline for registration is 3 December.


Download the full program of the seminar here. 

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