Welcome to ICM2021

The 4th bi-annual International Conference on Mindfulness takes place live online from July 5-8, 2021. 


As a mindfulness teacher, practitioner, or researcher, you will:


  • gain insights into the latest research in the field of mindfulness-based applications
  • share with and learn from colleagues and experts on mindfulness and compassion
  • strengthen your international network
  • have access to symposia, talks, workshops and practice sessions.

The theme of ICM 2021 is "Diversity and equality - leaving no one behind." Through four days of talks, workshops and symposia, we will bring attention to the many areas of society, where mindfulness and compassion is making a difference - or has the potential to do so. In addition to 4 days of research presentations, workshops and keynotes, there will be a full-day post-conference practice session on July 9.

Please find a list of speakers here: 

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A note about the conference fee

We are getting a lot of questions about our decision to keep the conference fee the same as for participation in the physical conference. We completely understand your concerns. However, we have spent more than a year of planning and organizing and will now have to plan and organize an online event. Our time, and the time of our researchers and administrators in organizing and reviewing research, is the main expense in hosting a conference. 

For those with limited funding opportunities, we offer 21 free passes for carrying out 7 acts of kindness. See more here: https://events.au.dk/icm2021/7-acts-of-kindness.html

The conference fee includes:


  • Free access to all symposium sessions, keynotes, practice sessions and workshops.
  • Free access to in-conference workshops and the post-conference retreat day (July 9).
  • Free access to recordings of all sessions after the conference.
  • Various performances, practice sessions, and networking events.

The Danish Center for Mindfulness is a research center financed through external funding. We do not make a profit on hosting ICM2021, but we aim to have our expenses covered. Other organizations have stopped organizing research conferences as they lost money doing so.

We are aware that for the past year, online events have been offered free of charge. However, we are not a conference organizer, but a university, and a research conference is different and includes a lot of work reading through and reviewing abstracts as well as organizing participants and speakers from around the world.

We hope for your understanding of the importance of sustaining a research community in these times. 


On behalf of the organizing committee, 




Lone O. Fjorback

Director, MD, PhD, Danish Center for Mindfulness, Aarhus University

Scientific Chair, ICM 2021