Earn a free conference pass: Do 7 acts of kindness


The Danish Center for Mindfulness wishes to make participation in this year's International Conference on Mindfulness (#ICM2021) available for everyone. We understand that some people do not have the means to pay the registration fee even with student or early bird discounts.

As a result, and due to the fact that this year's theme is "diversity and equality - leaving no one behind", we offer free conference passes to people, who carry out 7 acts of kindness.

To apply:

  • Send us a video and/or text and photos in which you show us one or more of your acts of kindness – the email is:
  • List all of your 7 acts of kindness
  • Tell us (in writing or video) why you would like to participate in ICM2021

Sharing your kindness story on social media 

If you are selected to receive a free "kindness" pass, we reserve the right to share your kindness acts with others, such as on the conference website and the social media platforms for the Danish Center for Mindfulness. We will choose participants from different countries and different backgrounds. 

Nipun Mehta's work on gift ecology

The option to pay with kindness is inspired by Nipun Mehta’s work on gift ecology. Mehta talks about the gift ecology as myriad relationships of generosity and that we are intrinsically wired to connect, to expand in our empathy and to ultimately tap into our compassion.

Money is one form of capital, but so is time, attention, stories, culture and so on. 



Read more about Nipun Mehta here:

And watch a TedX talk from 2020 here:


For inspiration on kindness acts, see here: