Welcome to ICM2020

The Danish Center for Mindfulness, Aarhus University, welcomes participants to the 4th bi-annual International Conference on Mindfulness (ICM) - from June 24-26, 2020, in Aarhus.


Here, mindfulness teachers, practitioners, and researchers will be able to:


  • gain insights into the latest research in the field of mindfulness-based applications
  • learn from and get inspired by colleagues and experts on mindfulness and compassion
  • strengthen your network among international peers
  • enjoy spending time with hundreds of people who share your interest and passion
  • experience the bright Danish midsummer nights. 

The theme of ICM 2020 is "Diversity and equality - leaving no one behind." Through three days of talks, workshops and symposia, we will bring attention to the many areas of society, where mindfulness is making a difference - or has a potential to do so. In addition to presentations of the latest scientific advances in compassion- and mindfulness-based applications, you can join our full-day pre-conference or half-day in-conference workshops to investigate mindfulness and compassion in the context of race, gender, education, war-zones and more. 


Today, mental health is everybody’s business. And we intend to explore our individual and collective responsibility for creating a world, where mind-training cultivates ‘kindness over fear’ and leaves no one behind.


The 4 scientific tracks are:

  • Mechanisms of mindfulness and compassion

  • Mindfulness and compassion in healthcare 

  • Mindfulness and compassion in education
  • Mindfulness and compassion in business and politics 

You will find registration and practical information in the left menu. We sincerily hope to see you in June, when our city and country is at its most lovely. Please note that the programme is developing, but most keynotes are announced. If you are an MBSR teacher, please also note that an Insight retreat is being planned immediately following the conference. 


On behalf of the organizing committee, 




Lone O. Fjorback

Director, MD, PhD, Danish Center for Mindfulness, Aarhus University

Scientific Chair, ICM 2020