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Gendered Temporalities: Anthropological Perspectives


Gendered Temporalities: Anthropological Perspectives 

Is time gendered? How is gender constructed in and through time? And how does gender intervene in the construction and experience of time? In an age of temporal anxiety and vanishing futures, how do clocks, calendars, seasonalities, and other measures of time naturalize (or reshape) understandings of femininity and masculinity? It was Simone de Beauvoir who first pointed to the entanglement between gender and temporality in her discussion of womanhood as a “waiting.” Drawing on Beauvoir’s insights on the co-constitutive nature of gender and temporality, symposium participants will consider the connections between time and gendered constructs, ideologies, and lived practice through an exploration of a range of temporal experiences, including (but not limited to) the life course, medical temporalities, everyday life, ritual time, seasonal temporalities, history, memory and pastness, rupture and continuity, chronicity and periodicity, and geneaological time. 


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