2nd Annual DSEV Symposium

The 2nd Annual Symposium of the Danish Society for Extracellular Vesicles (DSEV) will take place 28 October 2021 at Vejle Sygehus – Auditorium “På Bjerget”.


The program for this 1-day symposium is now available and includes sessions with selected talks, poster session including flash poster presentation, company exhibits and talks by sponsors, and the DSEV general assembly. Abstracts for the oral and poster presentations are included in the program, which can also be accessed through the CM Event app.


Please note the keynote lecture by Carlos Salomon: From discovery to implementation in clinical practice: Extracellular vesicles in complication of pregnancies and ovarian cancer


For parking info, please visit Venue (on the left).

Please arrive in good time as it will take some time to walk from the parking to the auditorium.


DSEV General Assembly

As registration for the Annual DSEV symposium is linked to DSEV membership, all participants have voting access to the DSEV General Assembly. The General Assembly will take place as part of the Annual symposium at 17.00. The agenda for the General Assembly is circulated by e-mail.


Looking very much forward to a full day of interesting science with scientific and social interactions.



Best Regards


Local Organizing Committee

Jonna Skov Madsen

Pernille Bøttger

Berit Bøgelund


DSEV Board 

Malene Møller Jørgensen, AAUH, President

Aase Handberg, AAUH, Vice-president

Kim Ryun Drasbek, AU, Secretary

Anne Borup, AU, Treasurer

Fabio Antenucci, KU, PR-manager

Peter Nejsum, AU

Marie Stampe Ostenfeld, Arla Foods

Ole Østergaard, KU
Anders Askeland, AAUH, web-manager

Health - Nordre Ringgade 1 - 8000 - Aarhus C - 87150000 - au@au.dk