Webinar: Design thinking workshop

What: 3-hour workshop

When: November 26th 2020, 09.00-12.00

Where: Online on Zoom

Learn how to use design thinking as a strategic tool to drive project development - also research
projects. Design thinking is all about people – understanding their needs, pains and desires. This
workshop shows you how to use empathy. Design thinking has become a very popular approach for
handling a wide range of develop-ment processes. It is both a mindset and a method consisting of
several sub-processes that can be applied in order to define, develop and implement projects that
create more value to the surroundings.

Speaker: Helle Meibom Færgemann, Special Consultant, AU


No preparation is needed but we invite you to think about what types of stakeholders your research/project have.


*The event is free of charge but there is a limited number of seats so sign up is necessary


Science for Society - Nørrebrogade 44 - 8000 - Aarhus C - cecilievan@au.dk