Customer Discovery Workshop - Interviewguide

What: 2-hour workshop

When: October 7th, 09.15-11.00

Where: The Kitchen, Nørrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C OR online on Zoom


The interview guide is intended to help researchers structure their approach to their stakeholders/users
before they contact them. It is a short checklist for researchers who want to do customer discovery
interviews and engage with users, stakeholders or collaboration partners outside academia. They might
find it useful in their efforts to learn more more about the market or clinical unmet need, in testing their
minimal viable product or in filling out their Business Model Canvas with valid assumptions.

Speaker: Astrid Høegh Tyrsted, Science for Society & Malene Skov Dinesen, Ineva 

*The event is free of charge but there is a limited number of seats so sign up is necessary.

Science for Society - Nørrebrogade 44 - 8000 - Aarhus C -