Cultural training - Living and working in Denmark

Cultural traning - Living and working in Denmark


How do Danes network and build relations at work and in their spare time? How deep is the value equality embedded in the Danish culture and how does it influence the leadership style, meeting culture and the decision making style? What is the specific characteristics of the Danish education culture, group work and the role of the university lecturer? 


These are some of the questions that will be addressed at the dynamic and interactive Danish cultural training, which is delivered in a 2 workshop learning process.  


During the two workshops you'll experience Aha! moments as you understand why Danish colleagues, students and Danish people you meet outside of work react the way they do – allowing you to adjust your behaviour accordingly.


You will also understand the core values and dynamics of Danish work culture and society so you can navigate your way safely at your Danish workplace – and know what is expected of you when you make decisions, hold meetings at your department, or navigate the Danish society as a spouse.


As we believe that all cultural understanding begins with self-understanding, you will start by becoming more aware of your own cultural baggage and everything you take for granted. This is essential in finding the key differences between the Danish culture and your own culture, and learning how to deal with them constructively.


The training will equip you with practical and powerful tools that are not only useful in your collaboration with Danish colleagues and business partners, but in all tasks where you work cross-culturally. 


In between the two workshops, you will be teamed up with a learning buddy and do different small and reflective exercises that make the learning output high and also create a great network. 






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