Cultural Awareness Workshops

Cultural Awareness - Living and working in Denmark


What do trees and cultures have in common? They might look similar on the outside, but each tree has an individual root system underground that determines what grows out of the ground. Just like cultures, there is so much that we cannot see on the surface.


Living and working in Denmark may seem like an underground mystery, so we’re inviting you to unearth with us. Aarhus University’s International Academic Staff Services (IAS) offers ‘Danish Living Crash Courses’ for International staff and partners with the aim of ‘digging in’ to the peculiarities of Danish culture, mentality and work place norms. Knowing facts and features about Denmark and the Danes can make it a lot easier to adapt to life in Denmark and increase your cultural awareness.

In the 3 hour workshop facilitated by the Living Institute Copenhagen, you will gain an introduction to Danish society, history and core values. There will be a focus on how to build trust, create and maintain relationships and how to communicate effectively with Danes. Also highlighted are how to manage hierarchies and leadership, how to navigate time perception, and (if possible!) how to understand Danish humour. Through presentations, practical group exercises and teamwork, you will learn to build culturally intelligent strategies to use here or anywhere in the world.


Webinar-Workshop, Thursday, May 28th from 9-12


Please note that this workshop will now be held as a webinar – the link and more information will be sent out to those who have signed up prior to May 28th.


Thank you and see you online!


Testimonials from workshop participants:


“I found it insightful, intellectually challenging, utterly useful and great fun.”


“It was useful not only for the Danish context but gave tools for generally getting by in a new culture.”


“This training teaches participants how to laugh at and live with Danish and one's own blind spots. It was highly interactive, and intensely focused on problem definition [cultural and individual origins of bias], and facilitated the revelation of different biases and cultural habits among participants while contrasting these with an honest and incisive explanation of the Danish counterparts.”


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