Cultural Awareness 'Deep Dive' 1 + 1 Workshop

Two-part workshop on 8. October and 28. October 2020

This workshop is facilitated by C3 Consulting.  For those that have a little more time and want to take a ‘deeper dive’, this format consists of two (3 hour) sessions. In between, there will be some ‘cultural investigation’ tasks and the second session allows for a deep reflection on the first workshop and a bit more time to learn about the tools and strategies you can use in many different cultural contexts.


By signing up here, you are signing up for both parts of the workshop: 8October (part 1) and 28. October (part 2), both 9.00-12.00


The workshop concludes with Danish smørrebrød sandwiches and reflections.


This course is organized by International Academic Staff Services and facilitated by Annette Dahl of C3 Consulting. Annette is the general manager of C3 Consulting, which she founded in 2006. She is a globally experienced intercultural coach and her book 'Global Perspectives' offers a practical guide to navigating across cultures. She has an MA in Chinese, Culture and Communication. 



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