CS Business Club Membership 2020
CS Business Club serves as the entry point for collaboration between your business and Department of Computer Science in areas such as recruitment, research and knowledge sharing.


Join CS Business Club to investigate your opportunities to collaborate with our researchers and students regarding recruitment, student projects, research collaboration, strategic partnerships, competence development and more.

Benefits of a membership:

  • Get closer to our students and researchers
  • Investigate your opportunities to develop your business with project and thesis collaboration with students, recruiting, potential research and innovation collaboration with CS researchers, industrial PhDs.
  • Participation in the annual career fair Katrinebjerg Karrieredag (Kdag) - The stand is included in the The paid CS Business CLUB membership
  • Firsthand knowledge on news and events at Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University
  • Invitations to special talks and events (e.g. Distinguished talks, Computer Science Colloqiums and more).
Department of Computer Science - Aabogade 34 - 8200 - Aarhus N - 87154112 - cs@au.dk