ArtBio2022 aims to provide a 3-day forum for topical discussions between world-renowned scientists and researchers at different stages of their carrier.


Artificial biology is an exciting, fundamental discipline that aims to mimic and/or reconstruct the structure and the function of native biomolecules and small life forms – using non-biological building blocks.


The themes of the conference represent the diversity of Artificial Biology as a discipline, across the length scales, from molecules and nano-sized assemblies to micron-sized cell-like entities.


- Artificial enzymes
- Artificial biomolecules
- Nanoreactors
- Nano/micro swimmers
- Bottom-up engineering of artificial cells
- Artificial biological systems



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Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center (iNANO)
Gustav Wieds Vej 14
DK - 8000 Aarhus C