Department of Clinical Medicine
2nd Annual Research Meeting 2018


15:30-15:45: Head of Department Jørgen Frøkiær


Symposium 1: Invited talks

15:45-16:00: Professor Signe Borgquist: “Statins, cholesterol and breast cancer.”

16:00-16:15: Professor Per Borghammer: “Does Parkinson’s disease start in the gut?”


Symposium 2: Flash talks

16:15-16:45: Flash talks 1-10 *


Afternoon refreshment break (staff canteen)



Symposium 3: Flash talks

17:15-17:45: Flash talks 11-20 ^


Symposium 4: Invited talks

17:45-18:00: Clinical Associate Professor Helge Kasch: “Neurostimulation in spinal cord injuries - perspectives on the LION procedure.”

18:00-18:15: Professor J. Michael Hasenkam: “A Heart Valve on a String – A long way from idea to life saving procedure”


Standing dinner and drinks (staff canteen)



Poster session and booths (staff canteen)

18:40-19:20: Those with an even numbered poster present their poster.

19:20-20:00: Those with an odd numbered poster present their poster.


Announcement of best flash talk and best poster

20:00: By Head of Department Jørgen Frøkiær


Socialising (staff canteen)

Until 21:00.


* Symposium 2: Flash talks 1-10
Anders Stouge:
Composition and size of striated muscles in patients with type2-diabetes with and
without diabetic polyneuropathy - an MRI study
Cecilie Siggaard Jørgensen:
Genome-wide association study of nocturnal enuresis
Claus Kjær Pedersen:
Copeptin and troponin rule out AMI and reduce hospitalization time - The AROMI
Henrik Lauridsen:
See the unseen: Eulerian Video Magnification allows for heart rate
measurements in embryonic chicken and mouse in ovo and in utero as well as
pulse wave velocity measurements in major human arteries
Jacob Lilja-Fischer:
Patient-derived xenografts - A Promisin cancer model
Johan Palmfeldt:
Deficiency of the mitochondrial sulfide regulator ETHE1 disturbs cell growth,
glutathione level and causes proteome alterations outside mitochondria
Louise Devantier:
PET visualized stimulation of the vestibular organ
Mads Ryø Jochumsen:
Tumor blood flow imaging with 82Rb PET/CT in Prostate Cancer
Martin Berthelsen:
The CRISPR-Cas9 Minipig – A Transgenic Pig to Produce Specific Genome Editing in
designated Tissues
Michael Schou Jensen:
Stimulation of prostaglandin E2 receptor EP2 and its role in renal fibrosis


^ Symposium 2: Flash talks 11-20

Mikkel Lundbech:
Potential markers of thromboembolic disease
Nikolaj Bøgh:
Improving glucose metabolism preserves contractile reserve and prevents
hypertrophy in a porcine model of compensated right ventricular failure
Nina Buch:
Afferent input in postamputation pain
- a randomized, double-blind, crossover, placebo-controlled trial
Pia Kjær Kristensen:
Mortality after hip fracture
How much of the variation is attributable to the hospitals and municipalities?
Simon Grund Sørensen:
Using patterns of cancer DNA mutations to understand and diagnose individual
Stina Lou:
Termination of pregnancy following a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome: A
qualitative study
Stine Overvad Fredslund:
Adjuvant Treatment of Breast cancer related to Cardiotoxicity and Dysfunctional
Endothelium: The ABCDE Study
Thea Lillethorup:
Acute & chronic proteasome inhibitionm
Effects on Dopamine Neurotransmission in Minipigs
Mikkel Roland Holst:
Breaking the barrier for Aquaporin-2 shuttling
Simon Skouboe:
Real-time dose calculations for moving tumors during liver radiotherapy

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