Animal Science

PhD course: Animal health economics in livestock herds


The aim of this course is to give PhD students an overview of concepts and methods in Animal Health Economics (AHE) in the perspective of the primary livestock production herds.


The course will consist of a one-week residential course, and one month later a two-day follow-up course will take place. The one-week course thus focuses on primary production (mainly dairy cattle and sow/swine-herds). We introduce the concept of AHE, visit a farm and experience how they make AHE decisions, and the student will be provided with a set of tools and skills that can be used in their PhD projects. The course includes lectures, exercises (both individual and in groups), and discussions and presentations both in groups and in plenum.


During the one month between the course periods, each student writes an individual report where presented methods are applied on a subject of own choice (could be related to their PhD study). These reports are presented and discussed on the two-day follow up course where the students also act as opponents on each other’s report presentations.


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