Please join us for an afternoon of celebrating women in STEM, whilst also launching the new network for women in tech at AU, ALICE (Alliance for Women in IT, Computing and Engineering at Aarhus University).


Date and time: Tuesday October 8 at 16:00 - 19:30


The event is open for everyone: students, employees, men and women alike, but we kindly ask you to sign up to ensure there is refreshments for everyone attending.




16.00 – 16.15 Welcome and Introduction to ALICE (Marianne Graves Petersen, Associate Professor at CS)


16.15 – 16.35  Gender Balance in Academia (Gopinaath Kannabiran, Post Doc at CS)


16.35 – 16.55 Multi Party Computation Talk (Cryptograhy) (Sophia Yakoubov, Post Doc at CS)


16.55 - 17.15  Break


17.15 - 17.35  Industrial Talk (Henriette Bladt, MSc Engineering, Mechanical Engineer at Phillips-Medisize)


17.35 - 17.55 A Student Perspective on Choosing to Study Computer Science (Aïna Linn Georges and Magdalena Kalin)


17.55 – 18.15 Organizing Committee for IT Camp (Mikkel and Louise)


18.15 - 18.35 Perspectives on Gender and Culture from a Life lived as a Manager in both Industry and University (Gitte Møldrup, CEO at MH3)


18.35 - 19.30 Reception and Finger Food 


Organizer: ALICE (Alliance for Women in IT, Computing and Engineering at Aarhus University)



ALICE has been molded by students and employees at Department of Computer Science, and seeks to promote, support and strengthen women in computing sciences, engineering and technology. 

All students, faculty, and alumni who are interested in computing are welcome to join ALICE regardless of gender or the exact field of study. Individuals from the surrounding community and those from companies that are interested in sponsoring our activities are also welcome.



Our goal is to create a community for women in computing to meet each other. Our primary mission is to provide an environment to encourage their educational & professional development, raise awareness about issues women face in the field, and organize activities to inspire them to pursue careers in computing.


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