2nd World Congress on Neuropelveology

Neuropelveology is a new discipline across the pelvic, medical specialties. Many diseases and pain conditions in this area represent a challenge due to the intimate neuronal connections by the lumbosacral and hypogastric nerve plexuses. Symptoms often involve several organs and pain may be located distant to the primary lesion. This leaves the clinician and the patient with insufficient diagnosis and symptomatic treatment.


The aim of the ISON is to help colleagues with these difficult problems through improved understanding of the neuronal anatomy and pathophysiology. Membership of the society gives access to the ISON network of colleagues with long clinical and operative experience within the field. Webinars are offered with the possibility to present difficult cases. Expert centers are established for advanced operative treatment of severe pain conditions so far deemed beyond therapeutic reach. Advanced neuropelveological surgery offers a groundbreaking new approach to neuromuscular rehabilitation of patients with paraplegia.


The 2nd World Congress in Neuropelveology will be an ideal introduction to this new approach to pelvic pain and dysfunction.

We hope to see you in Aarhus 17–19th September 2020.

Aarhus University - Nordre Ringgade 1 - 8000 - Aarhus C - 87150000 - au@au.dk